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Sunday, December 22, 2002

Another Anti-War Protest in Cleveland

The second ant-war protest in Cleveland took place on Saturday. The last one had 1,000 or so, including dogs. This one drew around 500. On the other hand, there were some members of the House of Representatives.

It was the second rally and march held by the Northeast Ohio Anti-War Coalition, made up of peace groups, churches, trade unions and concerned activists.

Other speakers included Fareed Siddiq, past secretary of the Islamic Center of Cleveland; U.S. Reps. Sherrod Brown and Stephanie Tubbs Jones; Sister Alicia Alvarado, director of the Catholic Diocese of Cleveland's Office of Hispanic Ministries; John Ryan, executive secretary of Cleveland AFL-CIO Federation of Labor; and the Rev. Marvin McMickle, pastor of Antioch Baptist Church.

Well, I guess for those who went it beat trying to find a parking space at the mall.

No, I don't want to watch the Nutcracker

Dave Barry speaks for many (or at least me) when he explains why he doesn't like ballet:

I am not a fan of ballet.

Now, before you members of the Dance Community get your leotards in a bunch, let me stress that I KNOW I AM WRONG. I know that ballet is a beautiful artistic form that requires great dedication and skill. I'm just saying that I, personally, would rather watch a dog catch a Frisbee.

My problem -- and it's MY problem, NOT ballet's problem -- is that, because I am culturally unsophisticated, all ballet looks to me like -- even though I know there is MUCH more to it -- a troupe of mincing mimes. Whatever the ballet plot is about -- love, hate, joy, sorrow, the Russian Revolution, measles -- the reaction of the dancers is: ``It's MINCING time!''

Now it's time for victimhood

Trent Lott has now decided he is a victim of his political enemies who despicably trapped him:

"There are people in Washington who have been trying to nail me for a long time," Lott said. "When you're from Mississippi and you're a conservative and you're a Christian, there are a lot of people that don't like that. I fell into their trap and so I have only myself to blame."

He wouldn't say who those political enemies were.

So his enemies weren't from Mississippi, not conservative, and not Christian. He couldn't possibly be trying to blame Democrats and the left could he? Complete and utter idiot. How many times does it need pointing out that the some of the loudest voices calling for his head came from those who hardly consider themselves leftists or Dems? Get over yourself Lott. You did it to yourself. There was no trap by the left. Not at a party for Strom Thurmond. You spoke, you chose the words. You killed your political career. Just settle into the Joe Biden-esque place in the Senate and be quiet.


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