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Thursday, November 27, 2003

Yeah, Sure. Ethics and College Football

So Auburn's President and AD with the support/pressure of a powerful booster work behind the scenes to fire the present Auburn University Football coach and it blows up in their face. A complete public relations fiasco. The end result is offending another university, hurting the chances for recruiting at Auburn, looking like idiots, looking like inept idiots, and still stuck with a coach you don't seem to actually want. While it is a spectacular, public, and completely humiliating set of circumstances for Auburn. I have a hard time working much sympathy or outrage for the present coach and the situation.

The Auburn coach, Tommy Tuberville, came in after the last coach (one of the Bowden boys) was uncerimoniously dumped. Tuberville was plucked from Tulane shortly after professing how much he liked coaching in New Orleans.

Now Tuberville finds himself on the short end of the expecations in big time college football. Coaches show no loyalty to schools -- always looking to jump to a bigger paycheck and more exposure. Why should the school stand pat?

Then there is this ridiculous suggestion for what Tuberville should do.

But if I were Tuberville I'd tell Walker, Housel and puppeteer Lowder to cut my $4 million settlement check -- the sooner, the better.

Good plan. I'll bet the job offers from other programs would just pour in after that. Most programs would want a guy who would turn around and pile on the public humiliation of his bosses. Yeah.

Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Arrived Safely

We made it. 360 some miles with more than 260 on the PA turnpike -- just happy I didn't have to do that today. The toddler slept through most of the trip. Grandparents and her aunt and uncle helped her expend all the pent up energy, so we actually got a good night sleep. The big story in Lebanon: getting a local stop for a proposed commuter train. Uh, yeah.

Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Busy, Busy, Busy

Trying to get out of Cleveland. Road trip for Thanksgiving. Road trip this past weekend. Sorry about the lack of posts.

Up is Down

I think someone from the Cleveland Plain Dealer Editorial Board (PDEB) is reading blogs. They actually posted an editorial that could have been based on my posts. I noted in the last couple weeks the issue of an inquiry to the East Cleveland Police Department about getting the necessary forms to apply to operate a legal gun shop.This led the East Cleveland Police Chief to ask City Council to ban legal firearms stores from East Cleveland. City Council complied. I kept asking how a legal gun shop could possibly make things worse in a city that is effectively broke, crime-ridden, and with plenty of gun related violence -- all without a legal firearms store within the city limits since the 1980s.

Now the PDEB, while exaggerating any imminence of the shop opening, actually admits that legal gun ownership probably wouldn't make much of a difference.

Predictably, most of the city's elected officials and its police chief, Patricia Lane, oppose the shop, fearing that it will only lead to more guns in the street and more crime.

And maybe the economic benefit of a one-man gun shop doesn't outweigh the potential for mischief. The problem with such speculation, however, is that it's only speculation.

More legal gun owners does not automatically lead to more crime.

[Emphasis added.]

The truly shocking thing, though, is that the PDEB actually concedes that more crime wouldn't result from more legal gun ownership. This from an editorial board that has stridently and loudly opposed any sort of loosening of handgun laws in the state.

I'm shocked.


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